Friday, June 17, 2011

We must have done something right...

If you are a parent you know that you really enjoy those brief moments when your kids do something so amazing that you think "He was paying attention".  For all of the misery that was yesterday, basically this has been one of those weeks.  

Starting last Friday, Nick has been in "Ultimate Big Brother Mode" and I have to tell you, I have LOVED it.  When Michael's best friend ruined graduation night, Nick swooped in and saved the day.  Then he went and helped us out by picking Michael up from camp all week and brought him home and had lunch with him every day.  One day, he even treated Michael to McDonald's.  

Then, tonight, when we should have been at a track meet celebrating the last night of camp, Michael decided that he really didn't want to go.  I have learned not to push these things because had we forced him to go, he would have made us all miserable and he would have put in zero effort in any of the events.  So when Nick brought Michael home at lunch time, he walked in first and gave Frank and I a heads up about how Michael was feeling and how he (Michael) was afraid that we were going to be mad.  

Armed with knowledge, we were prepared to talk to him and not force him in to anything that he didn't want to do.  We decided, as a family, to take tonight to just have a nice family night and relax.  I was all for that considering my crazy schedule lately and the fact that I had to work 8-5 today and how I have to be in work at 7 a.m tomorrow - staying in tonight was a blessing.  So at dinner time, Nick came back, armed with the X-box and we had dinner together and just hung out and enjoyed our family time.  After dinner, Beckah joined us and you know what?  It made our family night seem complete.

I feel very blessed indeed to see my son growing up and maturing and putting the needs of his little brother first.  It's a proud parenting moment...

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