Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is harder than I thought...

Back when Nick was a baby, I was a working mom.  I worked part-time for a while and then eventually went back to full time work.  WITH a baby.  Well, Not "with" like he came to work with me but I'm talking me working 9 hours a day and having him in daycare.  Then I'd come home and cook and clean and food shop and do laundry and all that jazz.

Now, fast forward 19 years and I am spazzing out around the house while working 25 hours a week.  How is that even possible??  Dishes were piled up, laundry is all over the is CHAOS around here!  And you want to know what else makes it bizarre?  Frank has been home for almost a month and it STILL looks like this!

I have got to get a better grip on my time.  I tend to laze around in the morning when I could realistically get my stuff done so that I don't want to cry when I get home at night.  Hmmm...I may have to start doing week.

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Ruth said...

Try checking out I don't use it as consistently as I could but it helps when I do. :-)