Monday, June 6, 2011

Not a creative thought to be found...

My mind is pretty much a blank lately.  I used to be able to multi-task and do all kinds of things while stories were forming in my mind.  Lately?  Not so much.  

Life has been busy.  Friday night after work we went and had pizza with the band.  I was at the homeschool graduation pretty much all day on Saturday.  And by the way, I cannot even BELIEVE that it has been a YEAR since Nick graduated!  Where has the time gone???  Sunday was filled with church, laundry and food shopping so that I was prepared for the week.

And now it's Monday.


When you're back to work, Monday holds a whole new meaning.  I am now amongst the millions of people who are like "Bummer, the weekend is over".  It's funny how fast THAT feeling comes back to you.  

I submitted an on-line workshop proposal to a Chapter of Romance Writers of America.  I'm really hoping to hear back from them.  It's not great money - only $5-$10 per student but it's something.  I still haven't heard anything back from Harlequin.  I mean, I KNOW they said 1-3 months but I really thought that it would be closer to the one.  We're at the 2 month mark.  I mean, if they're not interested, could they PLEASE just let me know so that I can move on??

This is Michael's last week of elementary school.  I'm pretty sad about the whole thing and disappointed because we are so broke that we cannot do anything to celebrate him like we had planned.  The original game plan was to have a big pizza and ice cream party with a bunch of friends and for us to get him an Xbox (since Nick took theirs when he moved out).  Now, it will pretty much just be the four of us and MAYBE some pizza.  I feel like a crappy parent.

Anyway, there is a lot of other seriously bad things going on here in our lives right now that I just don't have the energy to write about.  Suffice it to say that I had a MAJOR mental breakdown yesterday and am slowly recovering.  I hope things are better where you're at...


sheila said...

Kids grow up too fast. I've got two just out of elementary 6th and 7th grade. Gamestop has a special going on which started last Wed, not sure how long it will last. You can get an Xbox 360 for $99 (which I know is a lot if you don't have anything).

Roo said...

Sorry things aren't going well right now Stace. Hang in there.