Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OMG...another Disney trip??

Okay, so the Disney store did NOT call me for a job and I have to admit, I'm a little peeved about that.  Not enough so that I would have any ill-will towards the Disney company but they could have at LEAST asked me in for an interview!

We are thinking of hitting Magic Kingdom for a day in November.  We'll be visiting my in-laws at some point and I think that we are going to try and do a day at Disney.  The only thing I am unsure about is whether to do a full day (at $85 per person) or just get tickets for the Christmas Party which gives you seven hours at night in Magic Kingdom for only $48 per person.  I've done both and they are fun but I am so not a night-owl that I fear that I won't feel the joy so much if I am dying to go to sleep.

THEN...because that's not exciting enough for me, my sister and I are trying to plan a trip for March of 2011 for just the two of us.  It's been a while since we've done that and it is TIME!  We have the greatest trips when it is just us and I truly treasure those times together.  So we are looking at prices and trying to find deals so I am SO EXCITED!!!

Let the planning and countdown begin!!


Leigh said...

A Christmas party at Disney sounds like a great time! Trips with just the girls are always a good time, I miss them too! It's great that you guys can do that again.

KlayeBlayk said...

Good luck! It really is fun to spend a Disney vacation with your sister. Bonding times are great and you get to go crazy with each other without getting weird looks from your parents. :)

Russ said...

Well it sounds like you have some fun coming up. Enjoy.

Unknown said...

Oh I am so very jealous, I love love love trips- to anywhere. Enjoy! whatever you end up doing. :)

Petula said...

That sounds like fab fun! I would love to plan a getaway of any kind at this point. I don't even have money to plan to drive one block let alone go somewhere. Oh, wait, this is not about me. (Can you tell I'm in a mood!?) Either way, I hope whatever you do goes off smoothly and you have great fun. Happy planning.