Saturday, November 13, 2010

The countdown is on...

Brace yourself, people...we might have a van...

I kid you not.  We are supposed to hear from someone tonight after six and possibly go and pick it up!  

Can I just say...WOO-HOO!!!

It is a little bit older than what we wanted but it has a rebuilt engine with very low mileage and it needs a fuel pump.  I am so psyched I can barely stand it!  So I tried to get us ahead of the game today so that Monday morning all we'd have to do is be at the DMV at opening time so that Frank could actually drive the van to work but no such luck.

I went to the auto parts store today - not something that I enjoy - and while they had a fuel pump in, it was not the "complete" kit and unless we knew what specifically we needed, it was not wise to buy the part.  The store is closed tomorrow so even if Frank spent tomorrow getting the fuel pump off and out, there's nothing we can do until the auto part store opens on Monday and we can go and buy the part.  

Dang it!

I tried, I honestly tried.  

So basically if all goes according to plan tonight, we will go and pick up the van and bring it home.  We will both sit in the van and marvel that it is actually here and ours.  We'll clean out the inside and make it look nice.  Tomorrow we will power clean the outside because, honestly, it is filthy.  We went and saw it last night and while it is in great shape, it is covered in dirt.  We'll get the fuel pump off and then wait until Monday to finish the rest.  

The freedom light at the end of the tunnel is near!!!

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Jackie said...

Good for you guys...hope you have fun!!