Thursday, November 6, 2008

Okay, somebody call the Wambulance....

I do not take to being sick well. Does that sound right? I am a horrible patient and in general, I am not nice to be around. I have had a cold for several days now. I've gone to work, I've cooked, I've cleaned, all I asked for in return was some soup the other night and the response I got was not favorable and so I was a little bitter about it. Hey, vanilla ice cream for dinner was just fine.

So I have no voice today. My throat isn't as sore as it's been but it's kind of hard to use my customer service skills at work and answer the phone without a voice! It's been kind of comical around here. This morning before I left the house, my husband kept asking me to repeat myself and he finally said "Wow, your voice sounds worse this morning" so I'm like "Then stop asking me to repeat myself!" Common sense, people. You gotta have the common sense.

Okay so I'm feeling all sad, and ill and pitiful and then I was reading some of the other blogs that I follow and I feel even WORSE because I am such a darn baby! Oh, my throat hurts...big deal. I have a friend who is blogging about how she recently lost her husband, twin grand babies and just this last weekend, her step-son. How dare I be sitting here having a pity-party over not getting some Chinese take-out soup when there are people out there with REAL issues. I cannot even begin to describe how I loathe myself right now.

I'm just going to sit back, shut up, suck on some Hall's cough drops and be a big girl and for those of you who had to sit here and listen to my whine, I apologize. The wambulance will not be making any stops here today!

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