Thursday, September 11, 2008

There should be a place for people like this...

So I'm at work yesterday. I'm standing at the desk talking with a friend who is also a teacher at the store. One of my bosses is standing about 5 feet away. A woman comes in - who I've known for quite a while, we've gone to church together and were part of MOPS together. She comes to the desk and starts to ask me about our consignment policy. She's consigned with us before and is sort of "demanding" all sorts of lists/accounts of what has sold what it was priced at, blah, blah, blah. Now, I will admit that I had made a mistake on her account last month - and by mistake, I mean that I forgot to add her name to the list of people who were to receive checks - and I admitted that to her and she said that was fine. But the whole time she stood there, she spoke over me with all of her demands. I never said that I WOULDN'T help her, I just COULDN'T give her what she wanted at that exact moment. She seemed miffed, but left. And a word about consignment, if you are THAT concerned with what your stuff is priced at, then we ask that you please price it yourself. If you are concerned about keeping track of it, then you should keep a copy of your list for your own convenience. She chose to do NONE of these things.

Well, today this person e-mails my boss and just flat out lies about the events that took place. She said
that I refused to write her a check - she didn't ask for one while standing there and I am not authorized to cut checks. She said that I told her that we could not (as in EVER) give her the information that she wanted. When what I ACTUALLY told her was that the report she was looking for, had never been done before and it would take me a couple of days to figure out and I could do it then (we have a new computer program that we all haven't learned how to use yet for such stupid things). THEN she sort of insinuated that my boss would not handle this situation in a "Christian" manner or professionally!


Again, I am shocked by people behaving badly and then throwing the Bible up as some sort of self-righteousness and excuse for their behavior. Just because you sign your name with "Serving In Him" does not make your nasty comments seem sweeter. This woman was demanding and rude, showed no grace what-so-ever, and when she did not get what she wanted at the exact moment she wanted them, she showed what is TRULY in her heart. Everything that I said to her yesterday was met with "Oh, that's fine" when clearly it wasn't. Do you know what I will think every time I see this woman? Liar. Petty liar.

I am fortunate that one of my bosses over-heard the entire conversation and knows that this woman is lying. He has my back on this. It just really makes me sad that twice in one week I have witnessed such nastiness coming from Christian women in leadership. Perhaps I should follow her lead and maybe send an e-mail to where she is serving and let them know about HER bad behavior and ask her fellow ministry workers to look at how they do things with her in leadership.

Now that would be fun.

I hate liars.

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