Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crazy Nancy, Round Three

Last night I'm on the phone with my mom and she says "You're sister has an announcement to make!" and all I could think was "Oh, crap! She's going to marry that lying, idiot, fake-doctor!" Sister gets on the phone and says "Do you still have your bridesmaid dress?" I am fearful to ask, but procede - "Why? Who's getting married?"


"Daddy!" she beams.
"To who?" I ask. The last I heard, he had broken up with Ann - the dead ringer for wife number two.
"To Nancy, apparently."

To those of you new to my blog, way back in the beginning I shared a story about how my dad was supposed to marry a woman who I only knew as "Crazy Nancy." Why? Because everytime she and dad broke up, dad would call to tell me about it and say "Stace! She's crazy!" Hence, Crazy Nancy.

"Didn't they break up? Like a while ago?" I ask.
"They're back together."

The wedding is planned for the end of the year. Back to finding the yellow chiffon.

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