Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Disney Diet - 7 Days To Go!

So you know how I've been doing all this crazy dieting and working out so that I won't be the fat sister? It's been like, 4 months. I've lost 20 pounds and the last five refuse to vacate the premises! What is up with that???

So I'm on the phone with mom and sis tonight and while talking to my sister she decides to get on the scale. Why? No one knows. Seriously, do any of you get on the scale at 8:00 at night while you're on the phone? NO! Of course you don't because it is ridiculous!!! We're talking and she's like "You know how I lost those 6 pounds while I was in the Dominican last week?" Yes, I remember. "Well," she goes on, "I've been so busy this week with this big catering that I haven't eaten anything in like two days!"

There are no words to describe what was going on in my brain at this point.

She steps on the scale and goes "Oh, good! 136! That's totally cool."

Let me point out just SOME of the reasons that I am wishing that I had the capability to reach a hand through the phone line and slap her. All this time that I have been dieting and going crazy, she has maintained that she only weighs 135 pounds. She has always said that. Frank always says that she's lying but I never like to believe that someone would lie to me - particularly about something stupid like how much they weigh! I mean I'm no math whiz (right, Cathleen?) but even I can do the math here. If you weigh 136 now, and you've lost 6 pounds, that means that you weighed somewhere around 142 pounds. And if you're at 136 pounds now after starving yourself for 2 days, I'm thinking you had to weigh even more than that!

Honestly, there are times that I feel like Wyle E. Coyote chasing after the Road Runner. I just keep coming up with these evil-genius plans to make me look better, feel better and there she is just running through my poisonous pile of bird seed without a care in the world!!!

Okay, but I'm over that now because I have SEVEN DAYS to finish this race and be mentally prepared to look smokin hot in Disney! I am refusing to get on the scale until this weekend. I am so motivated right now and though I might not hit that magical number that I was going for, I'm feeling pretty good about Stace right now. So continue to think thin, friends. I'm going to need all of your prayers and support to finish the race strong.

I'll check in with you all again tomorrow.

Beep, beep!

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