Monday, September 8, 2008

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends...

I know an awesome group of people. Seriously, every day I sit back in amazement at all of the great people God has placed in my life. I'll give you a typical example of a day in the life of Stace...

I got to work this morning and really wasn't looking forward to the day. New classes were starting up, it was a full schedule and people just seem to not want to think for themselves and want me to answer ALL of life's little questions. But I'm going on vacation in a week, so I figure I could handle it. I was running around doing my thing and a friend came in and said that she had a surprise for me. The last time it was chocolate (yummy!) but she knows it's my final week and did not want to tempt me. So my curiosity was piqued and when I got back up to the desk she gave me a Winnie the Pooh Disney pen! Now you know what makes this gift even more special? I had just bought a journal to take on the trip so that I could write down all of the things that I will want to put in my scrapbook and now I will have a fun little pen to go along with it. Thank you, Nani!

Then, I'm talking with a customer who I've gotten to know a bit at the store and we're talking about my upcoming trip and the diet and all that and she tells me her own diet story and how one of the things that has been helping her is this great web-site: This is a great diet-tracking web-site that will either work out a menu for you, or keep track of what you are eating once you log it in. It counts calories, fat,etc. and based on the weight that you are (which you enter in your profile) it tells you what number ranges you need to keep in. Now, I've been writing down my stuff but I never knew exactly what was what or if I was truly keeping in a good range. She claims that in her first week of doing it she lost 4 pounds - without exercise. So I'm navigating my way around the site and I really like it. Maybe it will give me that final push I need this week. Thank you, Donna!

Next up, is my favorite little co-worker. She just makes me smile. Seriously, every time she comes in to work she is just filled with such a joyful spirit that you can't help but smile. She came in for me today so that I could go home early and get some bill paying and paperwork done. I mean, she just comes in, takes over and wishes me a wonderful day. God Bless Her! Thank you, Danette!

I mean, those are just SOME of the people that I came in contact with today. I totally love them. I spent a good amount of years with just a small group of friends - and we didn't get together very often. I find that the older I get, the more social I get and the more amazing people I meet. So go out with your friends! Call a friend that you haven't seen in a while and make some plans. I'm telling you, it will make your day.

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