Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Marketing, Mayhem and Madness...

Today was one of those days when it probably would have been best for me to just stay home and stay in bed and not communicate with the outside world at all.  I felt like crap, I'm pretty sure I looked like crap and basically everyone around me annoyed the crap out of me.

Should have stayed home.

But something weird happened today.  There is movement on the Amazon charts.  Yes, yes, it's true.  All weekend I offered "Ever After" as a FREE promo and I ended up essentially giving away over 13,000 (yes, thirteen THOUSAND) copies away.  It hurt, I'm not going to lie to you.  The promo ended last night and when I got up this morning and checked the stats, the book was back at $1.99 and had no ranking whatsoever.

I almost threw up.

I understand that at that point, they had no sales to go by because it had been free.  It had made it all the way to #3 in women's fiction in the FREE best selling (?) category.  So now it was time to start tracking again.  

I came in at 138,971.

And almost threw up again.

I mean, before the free promo I was at LEAST in the twenty thousand range.  I was panicking; I was frantic.  I was at work and couldn't do a damn thing.  As the day went on, something amazing  happened.  It started to climb the charts.  By 3:00 I was in the 6,500 range and now I am at 5,175!  I so don't understand how it all works but I am excited.  
What a difference a week makes!

So while all this great stuff is happening and "Ever After" is climbing the charts, I happened to go over and check out how "The Christmas Cottage" was doing.  It's back on TWO best seller lists!  I kid you NOT!  Last week it was in the 8,000 range and tonight it is at #727 in the Kindle Store (out of like a million books) and it is #74 in best selling women's fiction and #83 in best selling contemporary womens fiction.  Go figure.

So THEN...that had me going over to my first (and almost long-since forgotten) book, "Jordan's Return".  That one never made it ANYWHERE on a best seller list and pretty much never made it below 18,000 on the Kindle store list.  It's #24,804 in the Kindle Store and it's been out for well over a year!  It's madness I tell you!

I've done little to no marketing in the last two to three days, I had to let my assistant go last week because the book wasn't making any money and my son who is supposed to be helping me with some of this is knee-deep in mid-terms so he's not helping so that only leads to one thing...


I wish I had confetti right now to throw.  If the damn LIKE button on Amazon would work, things would be perfect but it's not.  After all of their promises, people still can't find the like button on their Amazon page.  I am beyond frustrated.  Next up is getting people to post reviews on Amazon; you can do that without a like button!  LOL!

I may have to wreak a little havoc with Amazon tonight.  Wish me luck!!

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