Friday, November 30, 2012

Climbing the Charts!!

I have to admit, I think things are going well this time around with my latest book, "The Christmas Cottage".  Book sales are pretty good, we're getting the "likes" that I wanted - although when I put it out there as much as I have and only have 25 I tend to wonder what is going on with Amazon.

Which brings and interesting thought to mind.  My book is published under a pen name, I wrote the review under my read name.  The Review got published and then two hours later, it was gone!  So I submitted another review that was never even acknowledged!!  What in the world???

But I digress.  So today, I hit an amazing number on the Kindle download chart.  Out of over 800,000 Kindle titles (and it goes up daily), my book hit #9084!!!  That is like something I never thought would ever happen!!  It felt pretty darn good - and then a little disappointing because I was at work and could not celebrate!

I took Nick to lunch and he was moderately impressed but it wasn't the same as going out with someone where we could laugh and gush and dream about all the ways that I could possibly become famous!  As if!!!

So, again, please check out the book!  Please go to and click "Like".  We're getting ready to publish on Barnes and Noble this weekend.  A friend contacted the Hallmark Channel about the book, people are posting it on Pinterest...I honestly have some amazing people in my life who are just blowing me away with their willingness to to support me in this.

My birthday is this weekend and I would LOVE to stay in the top 10,000.  Can you help?  Please!!!

have a great weekend everyone!!!

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