Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Social Experiment - Read With Caution

Okay, so yesterday I made the announcement of releasing my second book, "The Christmas Cottage".  I self-published again and I am responsible for all of my own marketing and promotion (with the help of my friend Dot).  So part of the whole process is essentially asking friends and family to go and go to and click "LIKE" to get some traffic tracked on the page and then, hopefully, for them to buy the book.

Early in the day I sent out an email to about 10-12 people - close family and friends.  Well, let me backtrack for a moment.  My first book, "Jordan's Return" was released a year ago.  Twelve months.  Fifty-two weeks.  Basically, a LONG time ago.  Over this last weekend I've come to find out that there are people who are supposed to love and support me that have NOT told ANYONE that I have written a book.  I mean, I know it's not all about me but...come on!  You can't mention to your friends or extended family that I did this - or buy the damn book???

Deep, cleansing breaths...

So last night I went on to Facebook to conduct a social experiment.  I sent out three private messages to three groups.  The first group was family, the second group was friends and the third was acquaintances.  None of the people in these groups were included in my early morning email - this was a totally separate thing.  Each group message was sent to a group of 12-15 people. 

Now, in a normal world, it would be your family members supporting you the most, right?  (Insert loud, obnoxious buzzing sound here).  Clearly, not in my world.  Out of the three groups, the acquaintances (women that I have never met face-to-face but have become friends with through mutual on-line interests) have supported me the most.  Almost EVERYONE in that group email has commented and either downloaded the book or bought the paperback (now available for $6.99 through Amazon) and all have clicked "LIKE" as I asked.

Next was the friend group.  Out of the 12-15 in that group, TWO responded and they were friends from high school that I have not seen in over 25 years.  And the family group?  ONE.  Yes, one.  And it was a second cousin of mine that I have not seen in over 32 years.

Seriously!  You cannot make this stuff up!  

So in the social experiment department, I've learned where my support truly comes from and while I am thrilled for the support of these wonderful people, the results of it all make me sad.  I remember a time when family supported one another, cared for one another and wanted to see others succeed.

What happened to that time?

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