Sunday, July 8, 2012

That's Mr. 12-Year Old To You...

I seem to remember when Nick was growing up that I was ANXIOUS for him to do so.  I wanted him to grow up, I wanted him to get bigger and more mature.  I rejoiced when he passed me in height (sort of) and we all got a kick out of him getting facial hair and what not.  He was my first born, the oldest and these were the things that we wanted for him.

So not the case with the baby.

Michael is 12 going on 30.  All of a sudden I have a hard time telling the difference between him and Frank on the phone, he's almost as tall as me but his hands and feet are huge.  His new sneakers for school are a size 11!  We went shopping the other day and there were were in the Super Target happily walking toward the boys department when he stopped and reminded me of how "big" he is getting and how he could probably now shop in the men's department.

Um...I don't think so.  

After much "discussion" we did compromise and got the majority of his stuff in the boys department, I did cave and buy a few "men's" items.  How did this happen?  WHY is this happening?  He's got hair under his arms!  He's getting acne, I mean...this is not right.  I'm not ready for this!  He has to stop.  I want my little snuggly bean back.  

I am not handling this well...  I mean, I know this is what is supposed to happen but I want my baby to stay my baby for a little bit longer.  He still holds my hand (when we're home and no one's looking) and he still says "I love you" (when there's no one around and in a hushed tone) but it's hard to look in to those big blue eyes and accept that he really and truly is becoming a man.

What I wouldn't give to have one more day with him as a four year old who I could just take in my arms and cuddle...

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