Friday, October 1, 2010

What's Going On??

I went shopping today for some random stuff.  I decided that I wanted a new pair of jeans.  The lesson learned from that little endeavor is "Instantly Slims You" really means "Suck it in, Fatty!"  None of them "instantly slimmed" and so I ended up NOT getting a new pair of jeans.  Bummer.

It paid to go Bad Ass on the X-Box people because today, after almost two months of waiting and numerous conversations with "escalation specialists", we finally got a new X-box system and the boys are hooking it up as we speak.  Praise the Lord!  They are both giddy like two little kids on Christmas morning.  It's a beautiful thing. 

My landlord is now working on the house next door because THEY had flooring issues (like the kitchen was sinking) and so he has been in there now for FIVE DAYS replacing it!  Oh, and just to classify, there are no new appliances, no new fixtures, walls did not have to be replaced, just the floor and it has taken TWO guys five days to do it.  And that miserable SOB had the NERVE to complain that it took my LONE husband two weeks to re-build an entire bathroom with all new fixtures, new walls, new ceiling, new floor, new lights??? REALLY???  I hope the contractor bills him out the whazoo if you know what I mean.

Disney trip is booked.  My sister is awesome.  Enough said.

I ate cupcakes for breakfast this 11:30.  Then ate 2 frozen Chimichangas for lunch...15 minutes later.  Is that wrong?

It has finally stopped raining here.  I know we needed it, I believe the deficit that we were in is now officially gone but I do so love the sunshine and cooler weather!!'s FRIDAY!!!


Russ said...

Well it sounds like things have come together. Tell the kids I'll be over to play Xbox.LOL Have a good weekend and I know the Disney trip will be great.

Dawn said...

I just found you through, Jenn, At My Kids Are My World !! I look forward to getting to know you !! :)