Sunday, October 31, 2010

My dignity is in tact but my wallet is in question...

Okay, so I went to the eye doctor and had a pretty decent visit.  I got all my little tests done, got the puff of air in each eye, got my pupils dilated (sort of) and finally convinced the eye doctor to give me a different brand of contacts.

So after my appointment last year when they went on and on about my glasses, I ordered a new pair from Zenni Optical for a big, whopping $8.  Best money I ever spent.  As soon as I told them that I had new glasses they were darn near giddy for me.  It felt good to not have the sales pressure this time around.  The thing is, I might not have gotten the big sales pitch but I did kind of get screwed in to paying for something that I did not want.

Normally, at least at any other eye exam I have EVER gone to, I was asked if I WANTED to get my eyes dilated.  Every couple of years I would say yes because I felt like I had to, but it was my choice.  Well today, while going through all of the tests, I was taken in to an office for them to do another test with a new machine that lets you see inside your eye.  Sounds cool, right?  So I wasn't thinking much of it and just thought it was another gadget  of theirs - I mean, what do I know about eye exams, right?  Well it turns out that THAT is the way that they dilate your eyes now and it cost almost an extra $100!!  I was not informed of that fact and so while last year I paid $165 for my eye exam and a trial pair of contacts, today's visit cost me $249!!  I almost died!

I was talking with the receptionist and telling her about our NO insurance, NO job and all of our financial struggles and you would THINK that common decency would have them either offering some sort of discount or payment plan or just not doing tests that you may not want!  I was disgusted!  Needless to say, I will NOT be ordering my contacts from them and will be looking for a new practice for next year.  


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