Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where on Earth is my head at??

You know, I don't know!  It's like without a vehicle, without my little SUV, I can't seem to remember anything!  It's crazy.  I mean, what should a car have to do with remembering things?  But seriously, I sit here at home in a daze.  I barely know what day of the week it is for crying out loud!

I have really been trying to have a positive attitude about the one-car thing but this morning, Frank and I were talking and basically, he's working all weekend and the band got a gig for Saturday night!  I'm like "When were you going to tell me?"  He's like "Well, it's been in the works for about a month".  Thanks.  Thanks for letting me know.  I won't be able to go and see him play because he'll be working all day and going directly to the bar to play.  I'm a little bummed about that but really, I have no place for Michael to go and I can't take him to a bar!

Then, on top of that, he'll be working Sunday which means missing church again.  Sorry, I'm not letting that happen again.  I missed it last weekend and you know what?  My week has been crap.  I feel it all week long now when I miss a Sunday.  I know that may sound weird to people but it's true.  So I had decided to try and rent a car for the weekend.  Is it the ideal situation?  No.  Is it in the budget?  No.  Is it worth my sanity?  YES!

I called a friend who is renting a car this weekend for an out of town trip to see where she found the best deal and she was so gracious and wonderful and offered me her car for the weekend.  PRAISE THE LORD!!  I mean, I honestly am blown away by her generosity and I (and my bank account) thank her!

Just knowing that I will have a way to get around this weekend has cleared the fog from my head a little bit.  I really find it hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I feel this disconnected by not having my car.  I know people who don't drive who do just fine.  My mother-in-law NEVER drove. My father-in-law drove her everywhere.  Now that they are retired down in Florida, they are in a "golf cart community" and she drives a golf cart. It's sweet to see but clearly, she never had issues with not driving and she's functioned just fine.  It's crazy how we get used to something, a certain way of life, and once it's not there...well, it's almost like losing a limb.

It's messing with me and I don't like it!!

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