Friday, October 15, 2010

Whose car is it anyway??

Another day, another day without a car.  I am hating this.  I know, I know, it's not all that bad, I have my health, blah, blah, blah.

Yesterday I had to borrow Nick's car because I had a parent/teacher conference with Michael's teacher.  Okay, fine, it worked out well because Nick had to be in work at 4 and the conference was at 4:45.  Perfect.  Well, on the way to dropping him off at work I notice that the car is on "E".  Not close to "E" but ON "E".  So I'm like "Dude..what in the world??"  He tells me that he had to pay his car insurance, he hasn't had a lot of hours at work, whatever.  The point is that now I have to put gas in his car again after putting $35 in it last week.  

When I asked what his hours were gonna be for today he's like "9-3".  Perfect.  I can borrow the car while he's at work and it won't inconvenience him, I'll already be up to take him to work, no problems. was.

I fell back to sleep this morning and rather than waking me up because he knew that I needed the car, he left for work and left me a note.  A note!  In a nutshell it was all "Oh, I didn't want to wake you up...I'm at work...after work I'm coming home but going right back out."  Essentially he could have just written "Screw you...I took the car and don't even THINK you'll get to use it later".  I was devastated.  Seriously.  

A friend called me because she said she was thinking of me and I burst in to tears while on the phone with her.  She came right over because she was so concerned and then I felt like an idiot that I am CRYING over this situation!  But really, here's the thing.  My grandmother wanted Nick to have this car.  She made that point abundantly clear before she died.  When she did die, WE paid for Frank to fly up to New York to get the car, HE (Frank) paid for the gas and whatnot to get it here, I paid to have it registered and to have plates, WE paid to insure it for the first six months or so, WE have paid for MOST of the repairs that the car has needed, OUR friend (who is a mechanic) has done work on it for Nick for no charge and as of recently, I have been putting gas in it.  The car is in MY name, should I NOT be allowed to drive the darn thing without attitude?

Um...I think so. 

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Nani said...

you should be able to drive it and take it away if needed...