Monday, September 13, 2010

I take it back...XBOX SUCKS!!!

Companies of the world take note:  When I like you and you do right by me, I will praise you and recommend you to anyone who will listen, but when you do me wrong?  WATCH OUT because I will use every media possible to let the WORLD know that you suck!

A couple of weeks ago I was praising Nick because he had this broken Xbox and he had sent it in to be fixed, PAID $100 to have it fixed, and Xbox sent him back a still broken game system.  He called them, they apologized, the told him that for his inconvenience they would fix the system AND give him a gold membership to Xbox Live AND a new game.  Well guess what came in the mail today?  A STILL BROKEN XBOX!!  Now...I am mad.

Nick is at work at the moment otherwise I would TOTALLY be on the phone with these idiots and tell them EXACTLY what I think of them.  But Nick has all of their correspondence stuff and really, he needs to be the one to follow through with them and make this right.  I am practically sitting on my own hands to stop myself from calling them.  

So basically we went to the website, filled out a repair request, PAID THEM since the system was no longer under warranty, and TWICE they have sent it back to us un-fixed.  Does that seem right to anyone?  Does that seem like it is acceptable to take one's money and NOT do what you were paid to do?  I DON'T THINK SO!

Should they not make this right IMMEDIATELY, be prepared for a barrage of XBOX SUCKS comments to be randomly posted anywhere and everywhere I can get them.  It will be my Facebook status, it will be in blogs, e-mails... I will contact any television station with a troubleshooter, I'll contact shows like Dateline and 20/20.  I take this stuff seriously.

Many years ago I had a similar issue with HP.  We bought a computer, I called them with a problem (the computer was 48 hours old) and their customer service person blanked out my hard drive and therefore deleted all of the programs that I had just paid Best Buy to install.  Then they hung up on me!  After DAYS of calling and complaining, I wrote to the president of HP (actually, I emailed their corporate office) and told them that I was now starting my campaign of news media to tell the world how HP treats their customers.  

I got a brand new computer less than a week later.

I don't think that people should gripe just for the sake of griping but when you have been screwed by a multi-billion-dollar company, by all means gripe and gripe loudly!  

I'll keep you posted...


jenn said...

That sucks. I hope when he gets home he is able to get things straightened out.

Becki said...

Amen! Sounds like their hearts were in the right place the first time - how could they screw it up that bad on their second chance??
Hope they make it right!

Russ said...

Way to go Stace. If you don't stand up for yourself people will S--t all over you. Let us know how it goes with Xbox.
I had a problem with a car manufacturer one time. I went to MVD and found out who the corporation was that owned them and put my complaint in. My problem was resolved immediately.