Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 - A different kind of tribute

If you are reading this post then you can remember that horrible day when it seemed like the world was coming to an end.  I was at a bible study meeting.  Michael was a baby.  Nick was at school.  Frank was at work.  I came home and my sister called and told me to turn on the TV.  Even without all of the media coverage that is showing today, I can still remember it all so clearly.

Families lost loved ones.  People lost friends and co-workers.  American's lost their feeling of security.  

One of my oldest and dearest friends - I'm talking friends since birth practically - has a birthday on September 11th.  There is no joy in celebrating anymore for her because it is a day that is shrouded in sadness.  There is no escaping the "looking back" footage that is all over the TV.  I always felt bad about that and I'm sure that there are some people that would be like "Well, in the grand scheme of things she didn't lose anything".  But she did.  

Is it small when compared to the loss of so many lives?  Absolutely.  Is it small compared to the families whose lives will never be the same?  Yes.  But to her, and to those who love her (like me), you almost feel bad sending a cheery "Happy Birthday" message because all that this day represents.  It's almost as if you feel bad celebrating something that is happy when there are these constant and blazing reminders of all that we lost on September 11th.  

 I've sat in front of the TV for most of the morning watching as the History Channel played documentary after documentary.  I cried.  My heart ached.  I cannot even begin to imagine how those directly affected by that day, who lost loved ones, are coping.  To see the images replayed over and over must be overwhelming.  Every time I see an image of someone who jumped from one of the towers, and it is more than a blur, I have to remember that that PERSON is someone's family.  Somewhere there is someone seeing their loved one in the last ten seconds of their life!  That is the final image that they have and it is heartbreaking and devastating!  I don't think I'd want to see that and I certainly wouldn't want my children or my husband to have to see that.

So the TV is off.  My prayers have been said.  I am here to focus on something happy.  I am choosing to focus on something good.  Someone good.  Someone sweet, someone who has been my friend, my sister, my family for as long as I have memory.  Lisa, I wish you a Happy Birthday.  I wish for you a day that we can celebrate you being born for if it wasn't for you, a lot of my most treasured childhood memories would not be.  If not for you on this day I would not have had an escape from some of my most difficult family times.  Your family always welcomed me and treated me as if I belonged.  It may be years since we've seen each other but you are always in my heart.

Happy Birthday, my friend.  I love you!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your friend from a New Yorker. While what happened was tragic it can not stop us from living our lives.

Unknown said...

That was a beautiful tribute to both the day and your friend.


Gary Anderson said...

You will soon see ads in the NYC area of families of the deceased who believe that Cheney facilitated 911.

The evidence is compelling. And disturbing.

Julie G said...

Hello from Australia, It is a bitter sweet sacrifice to give up your own birthday in memeory of those lost and those still in pain. But, I say congratulations, to any human who unselfishly puts aside their own life for the sake of another. We the majority are rocked to the core by the images played over and over...but we are the ones that keep this world on its feet..Happy birthday beautiful friend and may all your days be filled with peace. xx

Roo said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Lisa! She should celebrate. I believe that those that lost their lives that day would want us each to celebrate what makes us happy and what makes our country great, but remember the tragedy that took place that day. We should never let it be forgotten, but don't let our lives die because of it.

Lin said...

I'm with you on this one--I can't watch hour after hour of recaps of that horrible day. I prefer to say a prayer for those people who lost their lives and their families. Also for our country that will never be the same after that horrible day.

That said, we had a party Saturday night and when someone asked me how we could do that on 9/11, I replied that "I can't cry anymore. They win if we cry."

I'm glad you celebrate your friend on that day as well. We have to go on and not be miserable. That is exactly what those terrorists aimed for--to make us frightened and miserable. We can't let them win.

Happy Birthday to your friend. :)

Rachele said...

What a great way to acknowledge both. I hope your friend had an awesome birthday.