Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bunchy underwear, mom jeans and Victoria's Secret...what a night!

The other night a friend and I went out for dinner and a little mall walking.  I'm not a big mall shopper at all; I enjoy my Target and Walmart, thank you.  So we cruised some stores and then went to dinner and ate WAY too much.  Totally worth it, BTW.

The first store we hit AFTER dinner was Victoria's Secret.  Now I am by no means delusional and think that I am going to look like one of the models in the picture but for crying out loud couldn't there be at least ONE thing in the store that I could have fit in to with a little dignity??  Back when Frank and I were dating and even newly married, I could go in there and get a little something to feel pretty and sexy and be okay.  Now?  Just the thought of TRYING to squeeze in to even the most modest of items in the store was mortifying.  I'm down 25 pounds - and I know I could easily stand to lose 20 more - and I was still too big for the store.  NOT a good feeling after eating way too much at dinner.  Hmmm...could one have to do with the other?  I'd rather not know.  

Walking out of the store in a fit of giggles, we get in to a discussion about underwear in general.  We both admitted that yes, comfort is what matters most but occasionally will wear something a little slinkier for our hubby's.  TMI?  Sorry.  So along THAT line we discuss how difficult it has become with today's fashions to actually WEAR the darn comfortable underwear because jeans today are cut a little low and if you are wearing the comfortable underwear, you almost have to stuff it down (or bunch it, as you will) in order for it not to be seen if you bend over and have it scream "Grandma Alert"!   You know, just because I'm 40, does not mean that I don't want to wear fashionable clothes!  Mom jeans are just not fashionable no matter what you say.  

We exhausted the world of fashion and headed over to Barnes and Noble - a favorite place of mine.  Now, I am an aspiring writer and although I am not as diligent as I should be about getting published, I am still amazed at the CRAP that is out there that actually DID get published!  I mean, really?  The Kama POO-tra?  All about going to the bathroom gets published but I can't??  It just doesn't seem right.  

Oh, the humanity of it all!!


Lola said...

Oooh! I hear ya! Check out my post going up shortly about my shopping expedition today for jeans and unmentionables.

RE - Pod313 Tech Tips said...

Stacey the clothes that you try on in victoria secret store are not the ones in the catalog - did you know that? I'm Curvy (side-eye) and I get dresses, tops and occasionally a knit piece from them. never the slacks. I get my slacks from places that make nice clothes for women with real proportions.

I wear lots of Gloria V, Donna Karen and mossimo, Ken Cole slacks. even at Target they have the nicest slacks if you take your time and look.

"I know I look good when I back that thang up, girllll say I look good when I back that thang up.." yes I slung a lil juve yo way.

listen Chica, wear foundation stuff made for us - Delta Burke has some hotstuff that will make you bat your eyelashes. trust me, I got some stuff that causes a fire in the drawer. I bought a piece from Whitehouse Blackmarket in ATL from Fashiona, our blogger friend; and it's smokinnnn.

just knowing you have it still keeps it hot; am I wrong Men.. and btw they do make those lowrider panties in larger sizes, trust me.
and btw, I got lots of White Stag pieces at walmart at the end of july for a steal. and yes they have a great selection of basic pieces that you can dress up. learn to accessorize and draw that eye up; or down as the case may be (wink*wink) as Ms. Niecey would say.

Becki said...

I like Victoria's Secret catalog clothes, but their bras are never going to fit me again!

I tagged you on my blog :)

Petula said...

There's an art to shopping at VC and still feeling sexy and a little modest. Course it's almost impossible on a budget. (I tried!)

Oh, just wear a longer shirt with the jeans. If you shop in the juniors department and get a large (some mediums fit as well) their shirts are longer and stylish. See, it helps to have a teenage daughter. LOL...

You are so right about the publishing thing. Your time is coming. Just takes discipline and perseverance.

StaLira said...

I can relate to sucks when nothing fits me, too.