Sunday, June 30, 2013

It Takes More Than Long Hair to be a Diva

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm in the bitter barn right now.  I shouldn't be because for the most part, life is good.  Unfortunately, however, there is a small part of my life that is like a big, black cloud that I just can't seem to get to move on.  And by big, black cloud I mean a big, fat, loud-mouthed jackass with long-hair that thinks that the world is all about them and because they whine enough, they get their way.

This is a HUGE issue for me and my life right now.

So basically my husband is a drummer without a band right now.  He dedicated five years of his life to this band, put up with mega diva behavior from ONE of his bandmates and we thought that he had a good friendship with the other two.  

Apparently not because when the diva threw a hissy fit, they threw my husband under the bus.  These men who all call each other "brother", clearly don't know the meaning of the word.

What is my definition of a diva? Well, in this case it's a completely self-centered individual who thinks only of himself and what works for him and doesn't care how his actions make others feel or how those actions inconvenience anyone else.  It's his show and we're all just lucky to be able to watch.

News flash, fat ass, you and your show SUCK.

When the diva's behavior became more than my husband could tolerate, he finally spoke up.  No one EVER speaks up to the diva because then he carries on like a whiny little girl and no one wants to hear it.  It's not a pretty trait in a 50+ year old man.  So after my husband spoke up HONESTLY (as a man should), this bastard pretty much made it clear to the band that it was either him or Frank - he refused to play with my husband anymore.  Maybe the other guys were on the fence, maybe they were hoping it would all blow over but the diva essentially played the "I've been here longer and I write 2/3 of the songs" card and so Frank was out.  He was going to take his toys and go home.

And you know what gets me the most?  They all bitched about the diva's behavior, his lack of consideration for anyone and the fact that he is the NUMBER ONE REASON that they don't get to play (because he's also a hypochondriac who is forever with an ailment) and they kept HIM!  And since his little ultimatum, Frank graciously packed up his stuff and acted like a gentleman and what happens from there?  From his supposed friends?

He gets the call to share how they are auditioning other drummers.


So to the band of "Brothers", I hope that you rot in rehearsal hell for YEARS.  I hope that the piece of crap who is nothing but an aging JOKE keeps you there and I hope every time you hear of other bands playing out and getting gigs and doing things that a REAL band does, that you all remember to thank the Diva for putting you guys first - just like you put him.  

Congratulations on keeping yourselves on the road to nowhere.

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Nikki 74 said...

Just one more chip in the facade of human brotherly love... their loss missy, and they will eventually realize it, AFTER Frank finds a new "home" to express his talent and shows them what a waste of time they were to him!