Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Amazon Issues: Trying to Keep the Indie Author Down?

I am not an alarmist.

I don't "do" conspiracy theories.

But at this time yesterday I was spouting both of those things.  

Yesterday was the release day of my third book, "Ever After".  I chose to go with Amazon exclusively and utilize their Kindle Select program where they get the exclusive digital rights to the book for the first 90 days.  I was happy to do it because when I analyzed the sales from "The Christmas Cottage", 98% of them came from Amazon/Kindle.

So what about yesterday had me completely freaked out?  

The "Like" button was gone.

At first I thought I was seeing things but then I remembered how last week when I went to check my stats on "The Christmas Cottage" there had been no "Like" button then either.  So what was up?

Let me start by saying if you are suspicious of something, do NOT go onto ANY discussion boards because THAT is where you find all kinds of conspiracy theories.  There were customers who had written articles and blogs on how this was Amazon's way of snubbing Indie Authors and making room for only the "real" published ones and I have to tell you, after messaging Amazon and emailing Amazon and chatting with Amazon, I was starting to believe it.

No one had a reason WHY the "Like" button was gone!  How could that be?  I mean, they are one of, if not THE largest on-line retailers in the world and their IT department can't figure out this 'glitch'?  Seemed a little suspicious to me.

And why is the "Like" button so important?  Well, it is a way for Amazon to track traffic to your page.  It's not the only way but it's an important way and really, in order for my stats to go up on "Ever After", it would certainly help if people went over there and clicked the "Like" button!  But they can't do that when it isn't there!

I ranted and raved to their support people and one idiot sent me a lengthy email on the function of the "Like" button.  Really?  I KNOW THE FUNCTION OF THE LIKE BUTTON!!  THAT'S WHY I'M SO PISSED THAT IT'S NOT THERE!!!  What the hell???

By 5:00  yesterday afternoon, it was back on "Ever After"'s page.  How?  Well, for me I had to log out of my Amazon account, clear my internet cache, restart my computer and then log back in.  

That only worked on my desktop.  I still can't see the "Like" button my laptop.

Come on, Amazon!  For real??  Work this stuff out!  You keep the majority of my sales on MY hard work and you can't give me my freakin "Like" button???  How about in exchange, I get the majority of my sales profits and you can take your "Like" button and...

Well, you get the picture.

And if you get the chance, head on over and click "LIKE" for me!

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jenn said...

I clicked both links, and don't see a like button on either page. Where would it be?