Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a difference a second pair of eyes makes...

So I have had a GREAT time with my critique partner.  Her looking over my book has been such a blessing.  She had some great ideas on how to tighten up some things and found some errors that I had missed. 
One of the greatest things that she gave me was confidence.  You know, I had two friends read my book in various stages of completion and because they were my friends, they gave me the “good friend” response when I asked what they thought of it “It was really good!”  But having a stranger read  your work and tell you that they love it??  PRICELESS!!!

She has boosted my confidence like you cannot believe.  The best thing that she said to me was that the book wasn’t long enough because she didn’t want it to end.  She loved my characters and wanted to keep on being a part of their lives.  LOVED that!  

So as of now, with all of the edits complete, I have to re-submit the file to Create Space and read the proof and then we are a GO for publication!!!  YIPPEEE!!!  It should be out on Kindle by Thanksgiving.  How exciting is that???  When that happens, I will put a link to it up here on the blog so that you can go right to it and buy tons of copies so that we can make up for Frank being out of work for months!!!

Remember, it's almost time for Christmas!!!


Joy said...

Hi! I can really sense the great happiness you have while you were typing this post. I hope that a lot of people will buy a copy of your book on Kindle.

Roo said...

So glad to hear this has given you a positive feeling. I know you've been feeling pretty defeated lately and this had to help boost your spirits a bit.

I don't have a Kindle or anything. I'll have to figure some way to read it. I might be able to do it via my smart phone. I believe it has a Kindle-like app.

Good luck my friend! I'm happy for you.

Rose Clearfield said...

Congrats! That is so exciting! Happy sales when it is released.