Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Two Halves of the Same Whole

We had a rough morning this morning. My husband was out of town last night so it was just me and the boys. I got up on time with the help of the alarm clock, woke both boys up since they both had to come to work with me today, and got on with my morning routine. We were like a fine-tuned machine with taking turns in the bathroom - no one had to stand and wait. I didn't have to remind anyone to do anything - which is a major miracle, believe me.

So I send the boys out to the car to wait for me as I do the final run through the house to make sure everything's turned off and I leave the house with a sense of accomplishment. That is until I hear this angry male roar coming from the car. If I hadn't known better, I would have sworn my husband was in the car because it was that loud and that male. So I climb in and ask what in the world is going on. I mean, clearly with the kind of yelling I just heard, someone must have a jagged piece of glass in their eye or something! Thankfully there was no blood shed but merely a minor misunderstanding (and by misunderstanding I mean that the 8 year old made a request, the 16 year old told him no and that it was a stupid request, the 8 year old breathed heavily and rolled his eyes before whining and the 16 year old snapped). In all fairness, my 8 year old is just coming in to his own and thinks that he knows a whole lot more than he does. It seems to be the 16 year old's job to break his spirit and show him how wrong he all the time.

The funny thing about my kids is that they are complete opposites. Now I know that my sister and I were opposites as well but I just never realized how bizarre it makes your home life until I experienced it as a parent. Nick (16) is overly cautious, he takes no physical chances yet mouths off without provocation and sees nothing wrong with telling us (as parents) when he thinks we are wrong. And believe me, we seem to be wrong quite a bit. Michael (8) is completely daring. He broke out of the nursery at 18 months and they found him near Main Street happily running with a Matchbox car. He was always the peace maker and never wanted anyone to be upset. They have no similar interests and just recently have begun to battle all the darn time. One starts to speak, the other huffs, eyes roll, and then the gloves are off. It's not a fun time. What makes them even funnier is the fact that Nick looks exactly like me and mostly has my personality. Michael is all Frank - in looks and interests. Yet Frank and I get along very well. We have an awesome marriage and have a great time together. How come the kids can't get along? If Nick is me and Michael is Frank, and Frank and I get along, what's their problem? I don't get it.

The arguments keep coming, eyes are about to fall out of heads due to all the rolling and someone's going to develop asthma from all of the huffing. I can only hope that someday they will learn to get along for longer periods of time and maybe, just maybe, even enjoy one another's company and be friends.

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