Wednesday, April 30, 2008

But I Already Bought My Bridesmaid Dress...

About a year and a half ago, my dad was dating a woman who I only knew as "crazy Nancy". Seriously. Whenever he'd talk about her (usually after they'd have a fight and break up) he'd say, "Stace! She's crazy!" Of course, none of their fights were ever his faults, he's completely sane, and...please, even I can't lie that much even when I'm writing! So, on one of the occasions that he and crazy Nancy are back together, he gently breaks it to me that they're going to get married. Keep in mind, at the time, I was 37 and he had already been divorced from my mom since I was 10 and had since remarried and divorced wife number 2 by this time. Apparently I'm sensitive.

So the date was set, I was working out travel arrangements even though I felt that the whole thing was a sham; I mean, they had broken up more times than I could count, would they really even make it to their wedding day? We'd planned on driving down to Florida and doing the road trip thing - maybe visit the in-laws on the way. About 2 months before the wedding, I'm talking with my dad and we have a very normal conversation and he mentions nothing at all about the wedding. Odd, but okay. Not much later, I'm on the phone with my sister and she tells me that the wedding was off! I'm a little annoyed that he didn't bother to tell me and share that with my sister. So we decide to wait him out and see how long before dad actually tells me that the wedding is off.

A year and a half later, he still hasn't. Good thing I procrastinated and didn't pick up that yellow chiffon gown I had my eye on!

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