Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can only stars dance?

Okay, one of my favorite guilty pleasures to watch on TV is "Dancing with the Stars". I have always loved to dance but never had the guts to really dance. I took a year of jazz, I took dance as a PE elective for a year and a half in high school and when we moved in the middle of my 10th grade year, I danced on that high school's kickline. An event in my life that still causes my sister and I to go in to a fit of giggles over because I still have my pom-poms. She's just jealous! I love watching this show because not only is the dancing decent, but I've watched some of these rather out-of-shape, B-list celebrities dance away the weight. So I watch and I think "Why can't I do that?" I mean, if the stars can dance, why can't I? Quite possibly because while they are out there rehearsing for 8-10 hours a day to get in to those fabulous, shiny, sparkly dresses, I'm watching them while eating a pint of Hagan Daaz and merely tapping my foot to the music. You can see my dilema.

I've watched them have hearing impaired celebrities (go Marlee Matlin!) and wanna-be celebrity amputees (Heather Mills) and botox-impaired celebrities (shame on you Priscilla!), why can't plain old Stace from Wake Forest go out there and dance? Shouldn't that be an option? I mean, we've seen reality shows where they do "celebrity" editions, why not take a celebrity reality show and throw the average guy/gal in there? Honestly, I still have the pom-poms, this could work!

And as if they are just looking to taunt me, tonight on DWTS result show, one of my all-time favorite rock bands from my 80's big-hair days is the guest group! Why, Oh why?? In a perfect world, I'd be as skinny as one of those dancers, Vienese Waltzing all over the bookstore and Joe Elliot (of the infamous rock band) crooning to me tonight! Don't worry, Frank is aware of this secret fantasy.

I guess a good start would be to put the Nestle Crunch bar down and actually make an attempt to get in to shape. My mom and sister bought the DVD for Hip-Hop Abs. I think it got watched once. Hip-hop doesn't appeal to me so I won't ask them for it but I have to admit, when I get up and get on the tread-mill, there is nothing like some 80's disco to get me going. There's something very empowering about strutting to "I Will Survive" while sucking wind on the treadmill in hopes of buring 30 calories!

So, will I dance? Yes, in the privacy of my own home, in my room, with the door closed. Will I wear one of those shiny, sparkly, skimpy outfits, not on your life! No one should have to see that, not even me!

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