Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Eve Book Giveaway Extravaganza!

I have been blessed to meet some truly amazing people this past year in the writing world.  While I have yet to meet 99% of them in person, it doesn't make our connections any less real.  With all of the networking I've been doing for "The Christmas Cottage" (along with my fabulous assistant, Dot!), I have had the opportunity to chat with other indie authors who are just stumbling along like me, trying to promote their books and live their dream.
On December 24th, yes, Christmas Eve, Coffee Time Romance & More  will be hosting a wonderfully fun giveaway in which I will be participating in by giving away two copies of "The Christmas Cottage".  Besides the fact that I love a good giveaway - and I have won several of them over the years and it's always exciting to win something - I am especially excited to be on the GIVING end of this one.  

December 24, Coffee Time Romance will track Santa's flight across the sky. Come mingle with authors, publishers, and some of the best book review sites on the web. We've got a big bag full of goodies and we know how to use it!

And really, isn't it better to GIVE than RECEIVE???

So if you are a reader, a fan of romance and chick lit, don't miss the opportunity to partake of some Christmas Eve fun with the ladies over at Coffee Time Romance & More. I know that I'm going to be hanging out and partaking in the festivities.

And as if that isn't fun enough, today was an exciting day for "The Christmas Cottage" stat-wise.  We broke some barriers today that blew me away!

As of 9:30 p.m. EST we stood as follows on Amazon:

#15 in Women's Fiction
#22 in Contemporary Women's Fiction
#32 in Contemporary Fiction
#36 in Contemporary Romance
#62 in Romance

#6 in Hot New Releases in Women's Fiction
#6 in Hot New Releases in Contemporary Women's Fiction
#6 in Hot New Releases in Contemporary Fiction
#13 in Hot New Releases in Contemporary Romance
#25 in Hot New Releases in Romance AND...


My Christmas wish is to hit the top ten in Women's Fiction by Christmas Eve and to be in the top 100 in Kindle downloads by Christmas Eve.  If you haven't bought your copy yet of "The Christmas Cottage", it's only .99 cents!!  Help a struggling Indie author make her Christmas wish come true!!!

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