Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Days by Susan Mallery

Okay, so I've been a bad Fool's Gold Cheerleader and am behind on my online promoting of Susan Mallery's latest trilogy in the Fool's Gold series.  First up is "Summer Days".  This is book 7 in the Fool's Gold series (if you are keeping count) and was released back in May.  Sorry for jumping in late with this one!
Okay, so we are BACK in the awesome California town of Fool's Gold.  If you haven't visited yet, you have got to check out the official Fool's Gold website and learn all about it.  This time around the ladies of Fool's Gold are meeting up with some handsome cowboys.  And who doesn't like a cowboy, right?

Susan introduces us to goat farmer Heidi (yes, like the beloved childhood story) who owns a ranch with her grandfather, in the previous trilogy.  This is her story this time around and she finds herself in a land dispute with Rafe Stryker.  Rafe's a man who has no desire to be back in Fool's Gold, a place where he has unpleasant childhood memories.  But fate brings these two together; the corporate shark millionaire and the goat farmer.  It's pretty funny when you think about it and their story is delightful.

With a familiar setting and characters that we all enjoy and recognize, "Summer Days" is a wonderful addition to the Fool's Gold series.  With each story, Susan Mallery creates friends for her readers and keeps us up to date with them all without losing too much of the main character's story.  I won't give away all of the details of the book but if you're a fan of the series or you are looking for something new, you won't be disappointed here.  While it's more enjoyable when you read all of the books in order, you won't find yourself too terribly lost if you happen to pick up one mid-series. 

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Always Reading said...

I love Susan Mallery & Fool's Gold!! Rafe & Heidi has a great chemistry together even though they are both stubborn. I feel so bad for Heidi, who finally has a home of her own. Rafe swore he would never go back to Fool's Gold, but he did it for his mother. I love May. She was something else! If you are looking for a good romance book, then this is it! You won't be disappointed!