Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Do you Groupon?

No, I have NOT been living under a rock but lately, this whole Groupon thing has really piqued my interest.  I am finding all kinds of things that I want to do!

First, I want to go and see the play about the Lost Colony here in North Carolina.  It's a day at the beach, a little history lesson for's a win/win situation!  Then, today, I see a Groupon for ziplining!  What the what??  Every time I see someone zipline on Amazing Race or something, I always think that I want to do that.  

Then Frank reminds me of my fear of heights...

But I say "SO WHAT??"  I think I want to do this and I think that Frank should come with me and that we should just do something crazy together!  I'm going to wait for the weekend to broach the subject with him and see if he's on board with it.  Actually, I thought about surprising him with it but even with the Groupon, it's not cheap.

So I think I want to explore this more.  Maybe go for a mani/pedi...perhaps a massage.  And then I am going to sail over the trees and scream like a lunatic!


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