Friday, January 13, 2012

The End of Online Advertising?

Okay, so those of you on Entrecard probably also use Adgitize.  Well, by now everyone knows that Adgitize went bye-bye.  I never made anything on it so I wasn't too devastated except how it affected my Entrecard life.

For those of you who do neither of these things, I apologize for the foreign language!

You see, ever since I upgraded my internet browser, I can no longer use the Entrecard toolbar.  That sucked.  What I used to be able to do in 55 minutes now takes closer to 90.  I am NOT happy with that.  Having the Adgitize widgets available speeded up the process a little.

Not anymore.

Plus, it seems to me that Entrecard has no interest in upgrading their services.  Does that mean that they are just going to phase out?  I don't know.  But I'm kind of curious as to what is going to happen.  I've contacted them several times and have gotten no response.

Anyone out there in the know?

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Rose Clearfield said...

I am not in the know, but I wouldn't be surprised if Entrecard phased out eventually, too. They haven't been able to keep up with the browser updates for their toolbar in well over a year.

Have you looked into Project Wonderful?