Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Birthday MeMe...

Welcome to The Queens's Meme
7 Royal Questions

Someone in the castle is having a birthday today. Homer says it's not him. Who, oh who, could it be?!  Whether or not it's your birthday, you should be able to answer these age-related questions. Sounds like fun, eh? Or not. I'm going to talk to the birthday girl. She needs a good talking to.

1. If you could turn back the hands of time, where would you go?

In my own life?  I'd probably go back to the age of 20.  Purely for vanity reasons.  I was in really good shape back then!  

2. What was your favorite age and why?

There were two points in my life that I really enjoyed my age.  I'd have to say the first was 19 - my friends were my whole world and every day was fun - and then again at 30.  Different friends but life was still full and fun.

3. Travel into the future 10 years. How do you picture your life?

Right now I'm dreaming of being a famous author who has a real publisher and agent and I see my kids having direction in their lives.  Nick would be married, Michael would be in college and Frank and I would be celebrating over 30 years of marriage.  It's a good picture.

4. Did you ever take part in a birthday surprise? Tell us about it.

I threw a surprise party for a friend once.  I think she knew.  Personally, I hate surprises.  I've had several thrown for me on my birthday or for my first baby shower and I always felt ridiculous.

5. Pretend it is your ultimate birthday party. What five people, living or dead, would you invite?
Ooohhh...I LOVE this kind of question and hate it at the same time.  When you list the fantasy people, all of the real people in your life get all huffy like "Why wasn't I on the list?" and then I have to remind them that it's not REAL!  So five fantasy "Famous" people?  Okay, first would be Susan Mallery (author) because I love her work, next would be Walt Disney (no explanation needed), Neil Patrick Harris (because he makes me laugh), Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin - because together, they also always make me laugh!
6. Let's have cake!  Forget about candles and flavors and balloons. Who jumps out? 
It's a toss up between Jon Bon Jovi or Roger Taylor of Duran Duran.  Both yummy and worth sacrificing the cake!  Plus, they'd get to add to the whole "fantasy" birthday guest list!

7. And finally, make a wish but not just any ole' wish. Make it count.

Actually, my birthday is tomorrow but I thought it would be fun to get in to the spirit a little bit today!

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