Monday, December 5, 2011

Amazing Race Outrage!

Okay, so MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT!!!  If you did not watch last night's episode and DON'T want to know who was eliminated, stop reading now.

So my Sunday night TV show is "Amazing Race".  I have to admit that in the beginning of the season, I really wasn't overly impressed with anyone.  I had plenty of teams that I did NOT like from the get-go, but it took a few weeks before I was actually cheering for a team.  Snowboarders Tommy and Andy became my favorite team because they were Christians who weren't afraid to discuss their faith and they were just fun, lighthearted guys who were really quite enjoyable to watch.

Last night was the final four.  Tommy and Andy were in the lead.  Well the other three teams, at some point, all ended up with cab drivers who decided to work together.  So when they were all racing to the "pit stop" for this leg of the race, TWO of those teams were going to the WRONG place!  Tommy and Andy had made a mistake but with two teams heading in the wrong direction, they could have recovered.  Well, the cab drivers all talked and the two teams going in the wrong place, ended up in the RIGHT place!  

I was pissed!!!  

I'm sorry, but that was just wrong.  Those teams did not get the "clue", they had wrong information but were rewarded with the finish line!!!  

I don't know if I'll be able to watch the finale next week.  I may still be too mad.  

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