Saturday, October 15, 2011

She Taxi

So recently I was contacted by this website called "SheTaxi" about advertising here on All Stace and in return they would promote me on their site.  I had never heard of them before and decided to check them out.  After a couple of issues with getting their badge on here (it's here but it doesn't work for some reason), we are a go.

What is SheTaxi?  Well according to their site they are an on-line vehicle taking women through life's journey.  We're your resource for life's tools and conversations that go beyond the "superficial".  SheTaxi is dedicated to helping women thrive.

Pretty cool, right?

So once I got them set up here on the blog, I went to the site to check them out.  You need to create an account - which is no big deal - and then I wen to explore.  There was so much to read, see and do that I think it's going to take a while to navigate.  

Essentially, if you are familiar with Blog Her, it's kind of similar.  They promote women's blogs.  They have communities, you can invite friends, they offer advise.  It's a cool place to check out.  With topics/tabs like SheNess, Motherhood, Daughterhood, Friends, Coupling, Working, Well-Being and SelfHood there is something out there for every woman.

If you have time, click over to SheTaxi and check them out. 


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