Saturday, June 11, 2011

Time Warner Cable is the WORST!!!


We had a storm last night.  It hadn't rained here in quite a while and somewhere around 8:30 pm, the sky got weird.  By 9 pm we had  a wild storm going on.  The thunder was booming, the lightning was kind of magnificent and the rain was torrential.  Fifteen minutes in to the storm, the living room cable went out.

Yes, just the living room.

And the phone.

See, about 6 weeks ago, in an attempt to lower our monthly bills, I switched over to a bundle deal with Time Warner where I get my home phone (digital) with unlimited local and long distance, my internet and digital cable.  It was going to save me $65 a month.  Sweet deal, right?  I was feeling the same way.  We had a clearer picture on our new HDTV, we had more channels, our internet was faster...other than taking some time to get used to the complex remote, things were good.

First storm we have and the box gets fried.  

I am NOT impressed.

We had no phone for FIFTEEN HOURS.  Ironically, we had internet.  Last night, about two hours in to the outage, I went on-line to tech support.  She tried to reboot everything from her location and basically, there were outages due to the storm.  Okay, fine.  She was very helpful and I understand that things are sometimes beyond our control.  By 10:30 AM when things still weren't working, I went back on to online chat and this guy...not so helpful.  He tried rebooting the system twice.  We got the phone back but with quite a bit of static and after multiple attempts, we realized that the box was fried.

All of the TWC offices close at 1:00 on Saturdays and by the time I got done with the online guy it was pushing noon.  So I called what I THOUGHT was the local office and it turns out (after being on hold for TWENTY FIVE MINUTES) that that local office closed two weeks ago.


I got a very nice woman on the line and she worked it out that we will have a technician here at the house on Monday morning between 7 am and 9 am to replace the box and get it all up and running again.  AND she offered me the solution of bypassing the cable box so that we can at least watch the TV with our basic cable.  I wish someone on the online chat could have mentioned that option earlier.

So over the course of this whole thing, we lost cable service on the ONE TV with the cable box and phones BUT had cable on the bedroom TV's.  I had to do two online chats, five cable box reboots, moved furniture to get to all of the cable wires and modems and was without phone service for 15 hours while Michael was out in the storm (oh, and our Verizon cell phones were out for a while too during the storms) and here I am sitting here and having to wait until Monday morning for repair because ONE STORM FRIED THE BOX.

No, no, let me re-state that, the FIRST STORM to hit fried the box.  That doesn't make me hopeful for our future relationship with TWC...and basically, I think they suck.


Unknown said...

I think they are all in cahoots! For I would be perfectly willing to argue with you that Mediacom, which is our cable provider, makes the service you are getting from Time-Warner look absolutely wonderful. Not an argument that either one of us would like to win--huh?

Ruth said...

We've got Verizon and haven't had any problems, but then again it's only been about a month. Got a similar problem with plumbing though--the hot water doesn't work in the bathtub, the rest of the house is fine. What the heck is up with that??