Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Okay, Entrecard...I am back

I am still unsure how I feel about this but honestly and truly, I have missed the flow of traffic to my blog.  Selfish, right?  So, to feel like I am actually a part of the blogging world, I have gone back (on a trial basis, I think) to Entrecard.

One of the things that I am doing differently this time around is that I am NOT putting it on my desktop.   That computer is too old and has enough issues (thanks to some bad Ecard sites!) that I don't feel like breaking it down again.  So I am doing my drops only on the laptop.  The other thing I am doing is NOT obsessing about dropping.  Why?  Well, it became too much last time around.  I was always freaking out about getting my drops in and whatnot and I was faithfully following so many blogs but when I left, hardly any of them continued to follow me.  SOOOOO...lesson learned.

It's been great getting caught up on some blogs that I had forgotten about and so my morning has been eventful.  I am hoping that Entrecard has learned something and perhaps cleaned house a bit.  It's a great service but not great enough to warrant needed another computer or hundreds of dollars in security software to keep it.


jenn said...

I still came around! :)

Glad you're back!

Da Dude said...

Welcome back! I admit I lost track of you. Shame on me. There are still some virus sites out there. I'm just lucky that my virus programs blocks the site when it starts to load. Still working on the hijack site tho. Keep glamin for the cam!

Lynne said...

Welcome back! I had you bookmarked until my computer crashed! Glad to see you again.

A.Marie said...

Hi there! I usually follow you on FB but the computer in the band room won't let me get onto FB! Pooh! So, I had to go this route!! I also miss doing Entrecard drops. I haven't left EC but I also haven't been doing much with it. I'll get back into the swing of things after school starts! :)

Lin said...

Really??! You went back??! Why???

I left and never looked back. I find my time is better spent finding new blogs and new friends too. You have to work a bit harder initially to increase your readership, but then it takes care of itself.

I hope EC is better now.

Christinchen (Pink*Jeep) said...

Glad that you are back on entrecard! Much the better, but still I continued visiting you , with or without it :) Your name has always been on my drop list too! Happy to be in touch again.

jellybelly said...

I was wondering what happened to you. I looked and couldnt find you on EC and this whole blogging thing has me so stressed about keeping track of the sites I visit. I know I have to have a better system and not rely on my EC inbox :) Anyway, happy to visit your site again.

Leigh said...

Try using the free downloadable program Malwarebytes, I use it and have absolutely no virus trouble from entrecard.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ha. I've learned the same EntreCard lessons.

Good to see you back; I'm so busy anymore that I pretty much only return comments when they're left on my site first. So say something! I'll come by more.

Gee said...

EC dropping caused me blogging burnout before. Now, I'm focusing on building relationship rather than dropping cards. It feels better that way.

Becki said...

I hear ya! I miss the traffic, but I can't afford to screw up the computer I also need to use for other things!
Hope your re-entry to Entre goes well :)

Unknown said...

Oh good grief, you so made me feel bad! I've been thinking about you a lot though. Does that count? :-) I didn't even know you could put an Entrecard thingy on the desktop. I'm just glad to see you and I didn't realize that us keeping in touch was really due to Entrecard. Now that I know I better not let us sleep again.

See you soon? :-D

Mizé said...

EC sucks, really!
The only thing that keeps me there (not that I´m a great blogger either) is the cool blogs I found trough the system.
I learned the same lessons: an infected Toshiba notebook that had to be reboot, many hours dropping and the drop and run or you drop I drop back spirit.
One thing is sure, if it wasn´t for EC I would probably had not find your blog ... my loss there :)
Although I seldom comment, I would have missed one of the coolest bloggers. Seriously, you make me laugh and some of your posts are really hilarious.
Ok, so now you know...You got yourself a Portuguese reader :)