Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Fair Wedding with David Tutera...Here's What was Missing

So if you remember, my mom did some work for "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera" and the first episode aired about two weeks ago.  We were all so excited and watched the episode of the Purple Princess Bride on the edge of our seats.  Now my mom had done a rather exquisite seating board, programs and menus.  As we watched the episode we noticed some issues.

On the plus side, David Tutera slowly spoke the name of my mom's company and showed off the menus - which were lovely.  Then...well, we were disappointed.  After mom had printed up all of the programs the show called her and told her that the bride and groom had CHANGED THEIR NAMES!!  I'm serious, they changed their names.  Their FIRST names.  Okay, whatever, so the programs were not used in the episode (or at least they were not shown).  As much as the camera scanned the entire reception area, the seating board was never shown either.  This was most perplexing because this was the item that Mr. Tutera's people GUSHED over. 

Needless to say, mom was devastated and called the people at the show to find out what went wrong.  Apparently, there comes a point in post production that things are taken out of their hands and this was one of them.  Who knew?  So, to give her the attention that she truly deserves, here are some pictures of mom's work for My Fair Wedding and the Purple Princess Bride (compliments of photographer Jennifer Roper):
 The name of mom's business is Printing with Panache.  She is located on Long Island but as you can see from this particular wedding which was held in California, she can ship stuff anywhere!


A.Marie said...

Oh my goodness...she does LOVELY WORK!!! That seating board is absolutely incredible!!

I know that my blog is just a humble little blog, but would she ever be interested in doing a giveaway of some sort on my blog? If she's interested, let me know. I'd be more than happy to have her lovely work showcased on my blog and it would give her some exposure.

Renee said...

Wow, Stace she does beautiful work. My daughter is getting married in one year (unless they change their minds AGAIN). It will not be a big extavagant wedding, but maybe she could do our invitations or something...she is incredible..sorry it didn't work out...but I'm sure she will get more bites.

Lynne said...

That is amazing and really too bad it wasn't included in the show. The color is beautiful.

Unknown said...

How beautiful! I have a wedding blog (www.BudgetAWedding) and she is welcome to contact me for a feature. Make sure she lets me know that you sent her.

Brenda said...

Your mom does beautiful work! I'm sorry that things didn't work out the way she was expecting.