Saturday, May 1, 2010

Corelle and Computer Updates...

Okay, so remember my whole Corelle dish-breaking-smashing post from a couple of days ago? Well, I sent them the e-mail complaining about their product and they have since apologized and are replacing the pieces that have broken/chipped. I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with A.) their speedy response and B.) their willingness to replace the pieces to me at no charge.

Yeah, Corelle!

I'm not so sure how they would have been had I not had my receipt number and the fact that I had JUST purchased them but I'm very relieved that it all worked out.

And on another update, I did drop Entrecard. And for all I know, no one is reading this BECAUSE I dropped Entrecard and no one other than them even come around here and read. I so hope that that is not the case! Anyway, I got the laptop cleaned up (It took TWO HOURS!) and then I woke up the next morning and found the same virus attacking my desktop! I had done some E-dropping on there and because it is an older computer, it took EIGHT HOURS to clean it and get rid of the problem!

And, just to be clear because people have asked, I DO have virus protection, I DO have a firewall, and I DID install all kinds of other things to prevent this from happening. But you know what? It still did. And it did it while I was dropping with Entrecard so I DO blame them. I'm allowed to. For those who are interested, the main problem that came through this is called a Backdoor:Win32/NuwarA trojan. It is nasty and all of my virus scans/cleaners/removers could NOT budge this thing on the desktop. It did great on the laptop but the desktop had a hard time getting rid of it. It attacks your Windows files so please be careful and the added joy of all of this is that while it's attacking your computer and you are trying to get rid of it (as I did for 8 hours) it does nothing but pop up porn on your computer! Can you imagine how awkward THAT was for the entire day with both my boys at home?? You couldn't minimize it, it popped up continually.

As I said, on the laptop, my security/virus stuff was able to clean it up and it is up and running just fine. The desktop (which has the same security system) cleaned the computer like 4 times and eventually, I ended up doing a system restore to get rid of it all. The pop ups made it very hard to even GET to the screen to do the restore.

I'm going to miss the traffic coming here, I really am. But considering that both times my computer got attacked happened while I was doing my Ecard dropping, I'm just done with it all.


Lola said...

I'm still visiting. :D

That sux about your computers. At least you're computer savvy enough to have fixed it yourself.

Your post was the last straw with Entrecard. I've read several other posts where people have gotten hit with viruses and when I saw your post, that was it. I'm not dropping anymore, and I'm taking off the widget on the 5th. If Entrecard cared anything about their members they'd be doing something about this. But we all know they don't, given what has been happening with them in the last year or so.

Cheers to us for taking the plunge and going it without Entrecard!

jenn said...

I'll still come by!

I am Harriet said...

I read Lola's post this morning while I was dropping and then a few minutes later, while dropping my next batch, the malwares warnings started coming. Lot's of other sites seem to have been hit. Somehow, it attacked my server at GoDaddy and attacked my files. Here I go again, uninstalling WP and reinstalling it. I liked dropping and visiting on Entrecard but, this is just not worth it. Lola is on to something.

Beth (Margie and Edna's Basement) said...

I don't blame you for dropping EC. We left them a couple of months ago for the same reason. My writing partner and I had so many viruses and issues from EC, and that was with a working anti-virus program and various other safeguards. The straw that broke the camel's back was when a virus I picked up from EC (but my anti-virus program didn't detect) continued to run script in the background until it completely burned out my motherboard and my computer died...permanently. So, I was forced to buy a brand new computer and then it was bye-bye Entrecard. Good plan with the system reformat, that's usually the only way to completely wipe out every single virus.