Friday, May 21, 2010

Chick Flick Friday - "The Princess Diaries"

This is probably more of a teen or mother/daughter night kind of movie but still...don't we all (the ladies, I mean) want to be princesses?

The Princess Diaries is the story of Mia (played by Anne Hathaway), a teenage mis-fit who suddenly finds out that she is royalty. Her parents split when she was younger and the discovery of her royal bloodline throws her for a loop. Her grandmother, played by Julie Andrews, arrives and has to turn Mia in to a princess for a royal event in a very short time.

The movie deals with all-things-teens such as Mia's struggle with popularity, her relationship with her friends when she can't tell anyone the truth about her new-found position and with the physical transformation from geek to glamor.

It's sweet, it's funny, it's totally relate-able. A great movie that is lighthearted and fun for the whole family - not just the chicks!

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Petula said...

This is one of mine and Amber's favorite movies.