Friday, May 7, 2010

Chick Flick Friday - "Picture Perfect"

Okay, not so far back in the way-back-machine of movies is Jennifer Aniston's "Picture Perfect." This was made when "Friends" was in it's heyday and it was all about Jennifer and her character of Rachel.

In this movie, however, Aniston plays Kate - an advertising rep who's been passed over for promotion because her boss thinks that she (a single woman) isn't stable enough. So, Kate invents a fiancé out of Nick (Jay Mohr), a videographer she met at a wedding. As luck would have it, he's in love with Kate. But when the boss wants to meet Nick, all bets are off.

It's awkward at times and yet sweet. She has to script out this entire fake relationship so that Nick can meet her co-workers and all the while, Kate is attracted to a co-worker (played by Kevin Bacon) who never gave her the time of day until she announces that she is engaged to this mysterious "Nick"!

Very funny, very cute. A good movie to sit with a pint of your favorite Hagen Daaz flavored ice cream and enjoy!

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jenn said...

I've never seen this. I am not a huge Jennifer Aniston fan, so that's probably why.