Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Done with Entrecard! Good-bye!

Tonight was the final straw in my saga with Entrecard. I was doing my drops and all of a sudden, when I had ten sites up, my laptop went crazy and was infected with all kinds of stuff.

So to Entrecard...YOU SUCK! To the pathetic losers out there who do this stuff to their sites for sport...YOU SUCK EVEN MORE!

I have no idea how to fix my NOT EVEN SIX MONTH OLD LAPTOP!!!

I'm so done.


Mom said...

That just sucks!

You may be able to fix your laptop by doing a restoration to a previous point in time. This is especially true for things like ad attacks.

You'll have to check your system to figure out how to do it. It's relatively easy, though.

Morten Pedersen said...

It is always a good choice to have an anti-virus program running and updated when surfing on the internet because you will always find sites with 'dirt' on it so you can't blame Entrecard on this one.....

jenn said...

This happened to me a few weeks ago. Are you having three porn icons pop up on your desktop?

I hate to see you leave entrecard...and I hope you can fix your laptop.

Russ said...

Hi Stacey. I am so sorry you are having so much trouble with Virus's.
When my wife's laptop crashed we could not do much. You could not execute a virus program from within the laptop. Now if your computer will boot up you can use a memory stick to access it. That is what we did. You need I believe a 8GB memory stick. Well worth the investment. Go on your desktop and download the program to the memory stick and plug it into the laptop and go from there. They give you instructions online.
Hope this works.
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Frugal Vicki said...

Oh man! This totally sucks! I am sorry. I wish I could say I hadn't heard of this before, but it seems it happens enough that there should be some safeguards against it!

Doctor Faustroll said...

Whoa. What the hell is a computer?

I remember walking through Entrecardville some months ago and getting all covered with spooge. I took a bath and removed the widget and my condom still worked.