Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chick Flick Friday...Sort of

Okay, so normally on Friday's I talk about a chick flick that I enjoy. Well today I am doing something equally "chicky" just not "flicky".

In the mail on W
ednesday, I finally got book three of Nora Roberts Bridal Quartet series "Savor the Moment". I had waited nearly four months for this installment and it did not disappoint. If you are a Nora Roberts fan and have not started this series, you are definitely missing out.

This series follows four childhood friends who have started a very successful wedding planning business with each of the friends managing a different aspect of it: Parker is the overall event planner, Mac is the photographer, Emma is the florist and Laurel is the baker-extraordinaire. Each book focuses on one of the ladies for the most part but throughout the book, it is their friendship that comes across almost as much as the romantic storyline.

Book one, "Vision in White" was Mac's story. Book two, "Bed of Roses" was Emma's. Book three, "Savor the Moment" is Laurel's. Book four is not due out until November and I'm already mad at myself for reading through book three so darn quick. I got it Wednesday and was done by Thursday afternoon.

Anyway, it is a great romantic series but also a wonderful tale of friendship. I highly recommend it and would LOVE to see Lifetime or WEtv do a movie out of them. Just my suggestion!

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jenn said...

I am not big on romantic type books. I prefer a mystery or horror. I did by the first book in the House Of Night series, Marked, this afternoon. I'm hoping it's as good as I've heard.