Friday, February 26, 2010

Chick Flick Friday - Valentine's Day

I was blessed to have a dear friend take me out last week for dinner and a movie (Thank you, Cathleen!) and needing something light and funny to see, we chose "Valentine's Day". I have to admit, I hadn't seen a lot of buzz on this movie - commercial-wise - but I was glad that we didn't let that stop us and went for it!

Let me just start by saying that when we got to the theater, there was only ONE guy in there. We were like "Uh-oh!", but luckily his girlfriend joined him a few minutes later. After that, a group of like 30 women came in - talk about a girls night out!

Okay, the movie has an enormous cast of great actors and all of their stories intertwined in a way that made you not get bored with any one storyline before it moved to the next. The main characters (if there really were any) seemed to be Ashton Kutcher's and Jennifer Garner. I'm not huge fans of either of them but they were really cute in this. The whole movie takes place on one Valentine's Day and shows what all of these characters are dealing with. You have the newly dating, newly engaged, married for 50 years, teen romances, meeting someone new...I think they covered every type of relationship you can have - including one where you hate Valentine's Day!

All in all, it is a fluff movie with some really great moments. You won't be rolling in the aisles, but you will most definitely be entertained. Heads up: Taylor Swift is hysterical. If any of you saw her hosting gig on SNL, you'll already know this but she was really great in this movie.

So grab your girlfriends and head to the movies this weekend. You'll be smiling when you leave the theater!


Unknown said...

That sounds really good. I've seen the previews & it seemed kind of silly, but it does sound like one of those movies that's easy on the brain and a bit relaxing and entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

Bella Enveeus said...

sadly i haven't watch this movie yet even tho it had been out since before Valentine's Day.. i SO want to watch this! i'm bored with too many action or epic movies

jenn said...

I really want to see this, but will wait til it's on hbo or something.