Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Okay, so about a month ago I was debating throwing in the towel with Entrecard. It's very time consuming, I'm not seeing a whole lot of benefits to it, blah, blah, blah. I decided to chill out a bit and last month, due to computer issues, I actually missed a couple of days of dropping and didn't have a break down because of it. Of course now I'm only a serious dropper instead of "drop-dead" serious.

Oh, well.

But today? TODAY???!!! It was a maddening day for dropping and I really, really hope that it wasn't just me. I drop on 300 sites a day. I'd say that easily 10% of the sites that I go to today had something wrong with them where they jumped away to something different that would not allow me to stay on their site to drop on the widget! It was so frustrating and a total waste of my time!

If it were only one site, then I could blame the site. But 30 of them? So here I am at almost 6 pm and not done with my dropping because of my frustration level. I start and then stop because I can't get pages to load and then just when I think they will and I see the widget...BAM! the page goes white and I can't do a darn thing.

This does not help my already less-than-friendly feelings towards Entrecard, I can tell you that!


Lynne said...

I just saw a post on another blog that said there was a code problem with a paying post site. Apparently, any blogs that were members of that paying post site needed to replace the code in their blogs so they wouldn't get that white page. Not sure what paying post site it was, but at least it's not an EC issue (this time!).

Becki said...

Yup - I think it's what Lynne said...the ones I'm having issue with I know are active with a paying post site. Bummer!

jenn said...

hmmm...I started dropping around 8, and didn't have any problems. And please don't quit...I get a lot of traffic when I advertise on this site :)

Natalie said...

I HATE when that happens. I quit trying to drop 300 a long time ago. I usually hit between 100 - 150. I like EC because there are some fun blogs out there I wouldn't see otherwise. But stuff like this drive me crazy! Sorry you had a frustrating dropping day!

Femmepower said...

We share the same sentiments. grrr. it's already time to cook dinner and here i am, blog-hopping and dropping EC.oh geez.

As to Lynne and Becki's comments,I happened to come across a blogger saying that paying post is a scam.She wasn't paid at all. so extra precautions needed.i guess bloggers should just delete their paying post codes in their html.

Leigh said...

Another of the problems is Adbrite and search engine codes that redirect to "search results". I disable adbrite scripts through a plugin in my Flock browser, it really helps. Plus, if I visit a site more than once that redirects, locks up my browser or anything like that I avoid the site after that, even if they keep dropping on me.

Frugal Vicki said...

Okay, I am so back and forth with the entrecard. I used to do it religiously. Then I did it when I could. I am now at hitting when I see a widget. But I also advertise when I get to enough that I can advertise an many blogs at one time.
With my new weight loss thing, though, this will be the thing I give up, rather than my bloggie buddies. I will keep the widget up, but I think that the true friends I find are those I may initially "see" on EC (thus not giving up) but not by dropping.