Friday, October 16, 2009

(Toss the Confetti) It's my 500th Post!!!

YEAH!!! 500 posts!! Man do I have a LOT to say!! Actually, this should have happened a week ago but because I had to DELETE so much content due to family issues, it got dragged out until today. And you know what? If I could, I would SO blog about what is going on with my family right now because it is a RIOT and is EXACTLY as I predicted it would go...but because I was nice, I pulled off the most offensive stuff and have cut back on any family stories. Golly, gee, I AM nice!

But back to m
e and my 500 posts...this blog has been a form of salvation for me; a place where I can be creative and just get my thoughts out when no one around me wants to listen! I have met so many wonderful people through here and let me just say to Rhonda and Marcy - YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I cannot thank either of you enough for promoting me on Facebook with the whole Examiner thing. My page views have been really good the last couple of days and I totally appreciate you guys.

So to make things festive around here, I am going to steal a page from Jen (I think - my brain is so fuzzy these days!) and I am FINALLY going to post all of the awards I have received but have not had th
e time to actually put up. And because I love you all, I am giving them to everyone! Take the ones that you want and pass on the love. I am blessed by all of you and if I could, we would all be hanging out right now having some cake and rocking out to some 80's big hair bands! How fun would that be??

Here's my gifts to all of you!

This one I got from Liz over at A Simple Life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Take this and pass it on to as many people as you like and make their day!

This one I got from my dear, dear friend LaShan over at
A Lil Enchanted. I so love her. She has some great stories
and if you are a fan of Stevie Nicks, LaShan's blog is the place for you! Another great aspect to LaShan's blog is that you can shop there. Yes, I said shop. If you click on her icon on the right hand side of the page, it will bring you to her shop. can just click right HERE and check it out. Thank you, my friend. You are my blogger buddie, too!

I got this one from Marcy (of the Rocking Marcy mentioned earlier) over at
The Frugal Kennedy's. If you are looking for some deals, this is
the blog to go to so go and check it out. She is awesome. Thanks to her sight, I have found myself with many-a-freebie in my mailbox. And who doesn't love that, right? I also received this one from Whiney Momma who is just hysterical as she shares the wonders and the woes of her latest pregnancy. Check her out and share your tales of woe with her! No, really, she's not all that full of woe. She's another favorite blog of mine that I found through Entrecard.

Chef Eureka over at Two Peas in a Pie blessed me with this one earlier this month. Another favorite of mine to read as I am dropping my Entrecards each day. So I thank you, Chef Eureka, for thinking that I am Over the Top! I'm feeling pretty sassy about it! I like the picture on this one - it looks just like me...if I lost 60 pounds and looked good in red lipstick, but other than's like looking in a mirror!!

Okay, I have to admit, I really, really, REALLY like this one! I got the "I Give Good Blog" award from Frugal Vicki (who mocks me DAILY with her craftiness!!) over at Frugal Mom Knows best. Actually, Frugal Vicki just re-did her blog and it looks FABULOUS!!! This month she is all about some Halloween and if you like crafts, and enjoy being frugal, then look no further!! The mother ship has called you home to Vicki's blog. The lovely Frugal One also gave me the Over the Top award (above) and so I doubly thank her for being so generous. I do enjoy reading her blog and she is also great about leaving comments. I always smile when I see her name in my e-mail in-box. So THANK YOU, VICKI!!! Notice the tag-line on the bottom of this one? I'm still holding on to that thought of us all getting together (with the cake and 80's metal music). We would totally have a great time...just promise me you'll think about it!

Jennifer over at Momma Made it Look Easy gave me this fun award and I have to say, I had never, ever seen this one in the blog world before - so I was pretty excited about it. And how timely...lately I had done a LOT of Meme's! Your so good, Jennifer, so wise, so on the ball!! I love that about you! I can so easily relate to a lot of what she writes about - family, kids, marriage, LIFE! I always feel encouraged as I cruise the blog world and see that I am not the only one dealing with some of life's stranger aspects. So thank you, Miss Jennifer for this wonderful blog. It is nice getting to know you and letting everyone get to know Meme!!

I got the Circle of Friends Award from the lovely LaShan of A Lil Enchanted whose praises I sang up above. But I'm going to add more - she is a great commentor and another name that I look forward to when I open my e-mails. And on a music education note: Should you ever need to know any - and I mean ANY - Stevie Nicks trivia, well, all you need to do is read LaShan's blog and all of your questions will be answered! She was also gracious enough to give me yet another blog along with the Circle of Friends blog - the Open Source Blog Post Award. I'm feeling like the Academy music should be starting up right about now...I need to get the hell off the stage and give someone else a chance, shouldn't I???

So once again I thank all of you - my bloggy friends - for bestowing upon me so much love. I do love what I do and I'm glad that there are people like you out there that want to read it! Here's to 500 more!!!


Unknown said...

wow, congrats on the 500 and all of the awards! i am so far behind in posting awards, gonna have to work on that soon.

have a great day stace...hugz!

Sherri said...

Big Congrats on all of your awesome awards and here's to 500+ more posts!! I wish I could write as eloquently as you:)

jenn said...

Happy 500! I hope I'll be reading at least 500 more!

A.Marie said...

And your family stories and stuff is what made your blog so awesome!! Ah well...sometimes you have to sacrifice for the sake of the family! HA! Your blog is still awesome anyway!! :)

Congrats on the 500th post; I can't wait to see what the next 500 bring! :)

Secondary Roads said...

Super! Congrats on the 500th and on all the awards. Looking forward to the next 500 . . .

Frugal Vicki said...

CONGRATULATIONS on 500 posts! And thank you so much for the AWESOME nd so so sweet things you had to say! You made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy (hmmm, or was that the vodka. Let us just say it was you and be happy with it!)
Seriously, with the mad drama going on in my family, we would be peeing or pants and giggling like schools girls while we rocked away to our 80's hair band music! No thought even necessary!

Jane said...

Wow! Congratulations Stace. Keep it up. Thanks also for always dropping on my site. You're my no. 1 dropper last month.

Congrats again. More power to you!

A Lil Enchanted said...

Wow Stace! Congratulations on all of your wonderful awards and on your 500th post!!!! That is just awesome!!! And thanks a ton for all of the kind things you said... you are one amazing lady.... friend... and blogger :)

And darn those whiney family members... don't they know they make for good material??? Don't a lot of great writers get their material from such family members?? You could always change the names to protect the not so innocent... and um... write some *fictional* short stories ;)

A Lil Enchanted,

Shelly said...

Congrats on 500...and all the awards:) It says something when you can stick it out that long. Guess you're here to stay! Lucky us!