Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Quiz: what metal are you?

You Are Gold

You are almost universally admired. People strive to be like you.

You are also highly valued. Your friendship, approval, and advice are all considered priceless.

You live an inspiring, fortunate life. Not many people are as lucky as you are.

But you haven't gotten to where you are on luck alone. You are incredibly competitive and ambitious.


A.Marie said...

How did I know that you would be Gold??! :)

One with many names said...

I'm gold too! :) Small world.

Grampy said...

You Are Copper
You are provocative and challenging. You help people realize who they really are.
You live a very balanced life. You always take time for love and art.

You are both a powerful and generous person. You always have time to give back.
People find you to be incredibly ethical and loyal.
The doll house I am doing now is for my wife.I love working on it.This will be my master piece.hahaha

Slyde said...

hey! we're both gold! cool!

Grampy said...

You like the construction vehicles!They actually just started.We hope to be moved before they get to our end of the complex.

Jennifer said...

I didn't do it. But I'm sure like platinum or something really rare and special. LOL

I gave you an award on my blog.

Unknown said...

:) That thing is so right! You are definitely gold.

Thanks for your comment on my D.I.M. post. I'm sorry to hear about that situation (I remember you posting about the "incident") and it's unfortunate that these types of things happen. I never thought people could really relate to that. I had no idea there were people who actually did that to others. So sad. I hope things work out with your dad!