Tuesday, August 18, 2009

State of Confusion - Entrecard Edition

I have a terrible habit of not reading directions. I mean, I LOOK at the directions, I even SCAN the words on the page. But flat out read them? No. So when I first started this blog, I took the advice of a friend who was like "super-blogger" to me, and put Entrecard on my site. Entrecard is that little square that you see either on the top left corner of the page or over on the right and it says "Drop" on the bottom of it.

So I installed the EC and waited for the magic. The website has a book that you download to explain it all, but I chose not to look at it. What I did not know for the first 6-8 months was that I actually had to actively participate in this. I had to go to other peoples blogs with EC ads and click on them. Okay, I was doing like 25 a day. Then I realized you could do up to 300. Now we're cooking! I have a steady list of 300 blogs that I click on each day to give myself credit so that I can advertise on other people's blogs.

Now here's the problem...I so do NOT understand the "rating" system that EC uses. I mean, each and every blog that participates in EC is put in to a category of your choosing. Check. Mine is under "Trends". The more you click, the more EC credits you get - up to 300 a day for clicking. Then every time someone clicks on one of your ads, you get credit that way too. Okay, on this I am all clear.
What I DON'T get or understand is the popularity rating and how they come up with the pricing. This is a great mystery to me. The logical part of me thinks that the most popular blogs get the highest pricing. This doesn't appear to be so. AND how does one get to BE popular?? I mean, I know that my little blog isn't the most amazing thing out there but I look at some of the others that have higher pricing and popularity than mine and think "REALLY??"

That was mean, and I'm sorry.

But seriously, I don't understand how this all works! I have finally downloaded the darn guide. I might even pick it up and read it. I'm clicking, I'm leaving comments, I'm reading, I post new stuff on my site almost daily - this is a HUGE problem for me because there are some sites out there that have not updated their content in MONTHS and STILL have a high popularity rating! How could that be? Their content wasn't that riveting to begin with so how could it maintain it's popularity for so long?

I am so confused...I'm home all day with nothing to do but laundry, Frank has no work so he's going to be hovering over my every move like "What'cha doin?" all the live-long day and all I want is to know how to make my little blog go up in popularity a bit!!!

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PJ said...

the only thing i know about the popularity rating is that it is supposed to be the total number of drops on your widget in the past 5 days. depending on what category your blog is in and how many are in that category will be where your blog is placed.

i agree with you about all the blogs that don't post anything for a month or longer shouldn't be at the top, but they must have a lot of followers that continue to click on their widgets to keep them there. so i just don't pay much attention to the popularity of my blog, i just appreciate all of the people that do stop. i figure it really doesn't matter where i'm at in the campaign, if people like what i write then they will stop and read, if not, that's ok too.

Jude said...

The more clicks you get the more popular you get. Advertising on other blogs will get you out there more so more people will click on you. It's not that their blog is really better just clicked on more through advertising, that's the way I have it figured.

sheila said...

Hi Stace - The popularity number is figured out by adding the number of drops to your blog for the last five days - as far as what the crdit prices are, that goes up and down all of the time, loosely based on where you are in popularity. If you want to gain popularity I recommend the following.

1 - drop 300 every day
2- leave lots of comments
3. don't save your credits, buy ads every day so that you always have ads running - this will get you more visits to your site. I earn about 2500 credits each day and buy as many ads at 512 ec as I can each day.
4. Pay $14 and advertise with adgitize - you notice these ads on a lot of sites - a lot of the people on adgitize also have ec on their blogs so you'll get extra hits from them.

I agree that there are a few questionable blogs that somehow manage to stay in the top of the popularity without posting or commenting on other blogs - makes you wonder. I've been reading your blog for about a month now and I really enjoy it.


jenn said...

Okay, here is what I do, and before Father's day, I was #2 in my category for months.

Make sure the 300 blogs you drop on, drop back on you. You get more credits that way. I also drop from my inbox, not a set list. This helps me find more blogs, and more blogs find me. I may not make it onto people's "top droppers" lists, but I was getting between 350-400 drops on my blog every day. I had to drop consistently 300 every day for MONTHS before i made it to the top, and missing even one day drops you down tremendously. I skipped father's day because we were busy, and I haven't been above 4th since. I aslo missed three days while we were on vacation, so now i am really low in my category.

I have no idea how they determine the "price" of a blog, but the more ads you approve each day, the higher the price goes. I know they count the number of drops you do and the number of drops you get to determine your rank, but i think there is more to it.

Another tip I have is to advertise! As soon as i get about 1500 credits, I buy advertising. Some people hoard their credits, but i don't see the point. The more people who see your ad, the more people click on it. At least that's my belief.

Oh, and I didn't even know they had a book! lol! I know I am no expert, but these are the things that work for me.

Theresa said...

I downloaded the book but just kinda scanned it to get a general idea. To be honest, I just want people to stop by and enjoy what I have to say or show (photos). I'm with you though as far as the blogs that haven't been updated in ages. Of course, I can't figure out why you have a blog if you aren't going to up date it at least once a week.

Stacie's Madness said...

I don't get the system either, but I love the blogs I've found on there...(yours is one of them)

Tina T said...

I agree with PJ about not paying attention to the popularity of my blog. Some days I'm #2 in my category, and some days I'm nowhere near that. As long as people comment and connect, then I just figure that all is well.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

There's a book?

No, seriously. I never bothered with it. I just started surfing and dropping. Everyone's said pretty much what I was going to. Surf ad widgets. Drop 300 EC. And yes, leave comments. Comments are golden. How else will you get to know these people who you visit daily?

(btw, I strongly suspect that a number of the top droppers use an automated system that is actually against the rules. It reaches for the widget to drop and never actually visits the site. Not to mention it's a bot and not a person. If you want the story behind this, e-mail me.)

Lynne said...

Ditto to the previous comments. My understanding for the pricing is it's the equivalent of the total number of clicks on your widget over a 5 day period. The rating is updated regularly throughout the day.
Now that the paid ads are gone from EC, the pricing should become more accurate again. However, if people just click through without paying attention to the blogs they're clicking on, those sites that never update will continue to get ranked. They've managed to get themselves on some EC click lists and those people don't care what they click on, they're only in it for the traffic. Personally, I refuse to click on any sites widget, no matter how good they are, if they haven't even written a new post in the last 30 days.

Unknownwriter and Almost Lover said...

I feel so relieved ..I thought I was the only one who never read instructions..:))

Nessa said...

Hi Stacey!

I joined EC last April. My fellow blogger has been luring me join for months but I wasn't into it initially until they EC started to pay for credits. LOL!

But then I got hooked. I dropped 300 max daily except on weekends or else my family will shoot me for neglecting them.

I'm thankful to EC for helping me gain more visitors, droppers and discover some really wonderful blogs out there.

Thanks for visiting/dropping on my blog :)

Anne said...

As PJ and the others said, the popularity is based upon the average number of clicks. I thought it was a 4 day period, but it could totally be 5. As far as advertising price, that is based on the # of days until your ad runs (or # of ads in the cue). The more ads you have, the higher your price.

Megryansmom said...

I don't exactly get it either, but I have found some cute blogs (and some real duds too) It's been tough this summer trying to keep up with blogging. Too much fun to be had outside.

p.s. Ed Sullivan was the correct answer and hmmm a prize? I suppose I could dig into the prize closet and find something suitable. Send your mailing address please.
P.s.s be sure to blog about it, I'm all about becoming popular myself LOL

Grampy said...

Stace I quit trying to figure it all out. I like visiting other sites and blogging. Anything else is, what is is.
I just hope they stop the auto drop systems people are using. I would like to know if you are really dropping on my blog. I don't like wasting my time.
Good luck with figuring it out.

A Lil Enchanted said...

Hi Stace... I never read the book there far more interesting books I can think of to read. I just jumped in and started dropping and enjoying other blogs... I've found soooo many that I like since I started using EC. I don't really care about my ranking either... I just enjoy having visitors and comments and getting to know other people.

My latest issues with EC are the automated droppers others have spoken about. Until a few days ago I used to drop on my inbox first and then my favorites... the two overlap each other somewhat. But then I stumbled upon an automated dropper which claimed you could drop 300 in 15 minutes.... sounded great for those days when I just don't have time to spend hours dropping EC's... so I decided to see what it was all about. And yes you can drop 300 pretty darned quickly... EXCEPT that you don't even see the blogs... it pulls up 10 cards at a time and just says 'drop'.... no ads... no blogs... just 'drop'. I decided that it was just too much of a cheat to everyone and only did it that once. I mean the point of EC is to get your blog seen right?!! Then I realized that own blog was in that list and others were using it to drop on mine as well... so now I'm dropping my favorites list first and then my inbox *if* the ones in my inbox don't look fishy... like businessy non-personal blogs... if I suspect that it was dropped by a bot I don't click back.

I apologize to the few I clicked using the bot that day... I will not use it again. It just defeats the whole purpose of EC... hopefully EC will find a way to stop it.

I do use the EC toolbar with firefox... it makes dropping so much easier and it keeps up with how many you've dropped right there on the bar as well as how many credits you have. I highly recommend it!

A Lil Enchanted,